Grupo Empresarial MYPA is focused in developing plastic products projects. We offer an integral service from the engineering to the final products, supporting our customers in moulds, injection, automation, aesthetic processes , assemblies… always under our certified quality department, with our own lab and metrology.


Moulds for plastic injection design and manufacture up to 8 Tn.


Plastic injection parts up to 6.000 gr with all kind of materials and industries.


Specialists in aesthetic parts we have a section for finishing and decorating.


Automation machinery design, development and manufacture


Outsourcing in China with our own office.


We are a group of companies focused in the plastic industry. Mould design and manufacture, plastic parts injection and decoration and automation machinery are our main activities.



Be well-known in Aragón, developing business in Spain and abroad because of the quality of our products and services looking for a great future for our customer, partners and staff.



Customer focus: Customer focus: Integral service, quality, flexibility, competitiveness.
Internal focus: Internal focus: Professionality, team-work, effort and continuous improvement.
Enviroment focus: Environmental and socially responsible.
Always under the most strict safety rules..


MYPA MOLDES designs and manufactures moulds for plastic injection for several industries, such as White-line, Automotive, Electricity, Households appliances, Electronics and Sound, Medicine, Packaging, Agriculture…
We have a wide range of machinery and a very professional staff with long experience in the industry to develop and manufacture high quality moulds. We can manufacture moulds from Babyplast to 8 Tns.

Grupo Empresarial MYPA has a wide range of 24 injection machines, in two facilities. In MYPA INYECCIÓN we have 13, from 3 Babyplast (6 Tn) to 370 Tn. In our 11 machines in INYMON we have from 370 Tn to 1500 Tn, which let us inject plastic parts up to 6.000 gr in many different material for several industries.

Supporting our injection process and our specialization in aesthetic parts we have a section for finishing and decorating with hotstamping, pad-printing, screen-printing, milling, welding, glueing, laser-cut and assemblies.

Our injection companies are certified in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 plus in INYMON we are certified IATF.

We have a department full of professional staff exclusively dedicated to the Quality and Continuous Improvement of our products and processes. We have a 3D dimension machine for the metrology studies and reports.


PC-DMIS CAD++ Software

Dea Global X700 Y1000 Z500 Machine.

Also, for any kind of automation, in MYPA 6SIGMA we design, develop and manufacture machines to automatize any process in production facilities.

We can also outsource moulds in China with our own office (MYPA IS Ltd) under our Spanish staff responsibility in the mouldmaker factory. In Spain one project engineer will be the person in charge of the project and the communication with the customer.

Inside our philosophy of learning and continuous improvement, GRUPO EMPRESARIAL MYPA cooperates in several fields with some business associations such as ASAMM (Aragonese Association of Mould and dies Manufacturers), AIC (Industrial Association), as sectoral associations: CAAR – Automotive Cluster of Aragon, ANAIP and CEP from the Plastic Industry and cooperating with official technological institutes like ITA ( Technological Institute of Aragón) and AIMPLAS (Technological Plastic Institute).